This Christmas season we invite you to join us in the spirit of generosity. Instead of buying a gift that will likely be discarded in a few months, we have the opportunity of giving a family clean drinking water by buying a water filter, providing a family a month’s supply of corn for tortillas, buying a Christmas package for a child in Haiti filled with gifts purchased from the local economy, or helping supply our local Foster Family Resource Closet. This season, let’s celebrate the abundant gift that Jesus gave us by giving to others.



Online: Follow this link to fill out the form, calculate the amount given, and then use our online giving to make your gift. Make sure you choose the dropdown that corresponds to the area you are giving toward. We also ask that you cover the fees we have to pay for processing so that your full gift can go to the area you are giving to. There is an easy check box to add that to your total. Your Christmas card and envelope may be picked up at the church anytime during office hours, Monday-Thursday, 9 am - 5 pm.

In-Person: Fill out the order form included with the catalog and drop it off before or after church at the table in the lobby. We will take your order at the table and payment can be made through cash, check, or online giving. A Christmas card and envelope will be provided for each item you purchase to give to the loved one that you are donating in the name of.



Thank you for joining us in generosity this Christmas season!