Throughout this year ACC will be blessing over 5000 people. However for us to bless that many people, we are going to need your help to take on this goal. So here are some ways you can make it happen:
Local Ministries
Youth Reach | 281-459-4555
Free The Captives |
Elijah Rising/Kendleton Farm | 832-628-3439
Family Promise | 281-441-3754
Farrington Mission | 713-694-3580
Kids Connect (Elementary School Mentor) |
Foster Kids/Kinship Program CPS
Harvey Recovery
Foreign Missions
Guatemala Trips/child sponsorship
Haiti Trip/child sponsorship/donate toward playground
Invite a friend or neighbor to church
Invite a non-church going friend to Life Group
Share your faith with someone
Other Suggestions
Volunteer at a local food bank
Volunteer at a local shelter
Volunteer at a local retirement home
Act of kindness for a stranger
As you help us reach our goal please report the blessings. You can send us an email and let us know how you blessed someone and how many people were blessed. If you are able to attend our physical location cards are available at the 5000 wall in the lobby. Simply fill out the back of the card and drop it in one of the offering boxes.