Over the next 28 days our church is coming together to pray for the vision that God has laid on our hearts to impact Atascocita. We are hoping to build a Community Center and we are praying that God would allow us to help more people connect with God and in community with one another. We have many dreams to offer a safe place for high school and middle school students to come after school. To tutor them if they need it and to hang out and play basketball or volleyball with them. We also are envisioning a place where we would be able to host events for the community like camps, graduation ceremonies, sports clinics, and many more things. This is a very big VISION that we are trusting in God to make happen. We would love to invite you to be apart of it. First we just want you to pray. Each day as a church we will pray for a different aspect of the Community Center. Thank you for joining us and we cannot wait to see how God will bring the glory to himself.

Week 1 -  Community 

Day 1 - Impacting High Schoolers

Day 2 - Impacting Middle Schoolers

Day 3 - Impacting parents with young kids

Day 4 - Impacting our local school system

Day 5 - Impacting our community

Day 6 - Impacting single parents 

Day 7 - Impacting at risk kids


Week 2 - Facing our Giants

Day 8 -  The dollar figure

Day 9 -  God’s timing 

Day 10 - Selling property

Day 11 - Volunteers stepping up

Day 12 - Favor with county/city officials 

Day 13 - Community support 

Day 14 - Our hearts focused on kingdom growth not numbers 


Week 3 - The Harvest

Day 15 - Pray for future salvations 

Day 16 - Pray for new future ministries 

Day 17 - Pray for future dollar club recipients 

Day 18 - Pray for greater impact locally

Day 19 -  Pray for greater impact nationally

Day 20 - Pray for greater impact globally 

Day 21 - Pray for people to get connected/discipled in small groups


Week 4 - Praying for Leaders

Day 22 - Pray for the Elders

Day 23 - Pray for Staff

Day 24 - Prayer for how God is calling you to participate

Day 25 - Pray for future staff/volunteers

Day 26 - Favor with city/Country officials 

Day 27 - Pray for school administration 

Day 28 - Pray for the other churches in our community to grow and to make disciples